Northern Bearings

Northern is  a Blog I started so that I could share some of my experiences with travelling and display my passion for photography. So please visit the site if your one of the adventurers that loves exploring our planet.

The Survival Series Kit

It is only when you are in the midst of a travel situation you wish you had some of these items. Even while camping or just exploring the outdoors I find myself in an experience where I wish I had my fishing rod which I did not bring with me of course. I like travelling light but also want to prepared for everything. This is how the northern bearing kit came about, packed with medical items , fishing equipment, Flint, water purification and other handy tools it comes in a tin box that’s no bigger than a business card and has a depth of two centimeters and what I believe has the absolute necessities. Easy to fit into your pocket or backpack weighing around 180 grams. By using your intuition, ingenuity and improvisation you can create many solutions with this product.