Product Design

Product Design Concepts

Below you will find a few design proposals i presented during my time at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Mobility Department.

Unplugging the Fridge

Unplugging the Fridge, the future and portability


Unplugging the Fridge

igloo Fridge Nano unit that fits onto Multiple objects as well as connecting with another partner units to create a symbiotic relationship by sharing energy.

Sennema Portfolio30

SAND MAN beach barrow . 2 detachable compartments for wet and dry and simutanious seating and locking device. Handle converts to spade for building epic sand castles.

Sennema Portfolio31

Air France - KLM - Service design

Air France – KLM – Service design . Tomorrows flexiblility and security of safe and easy booking and immigration control.

Sennema Portfolio29

Stages of interuption in airport security and the solution for Seamless travel.

Travel Mate - Service from home to final destination

Product infographic and visual communication


outdoor trial shoe concept

3D printed shoe concept/ 9 materials into 1 print session.

Vertical mobility visual research

Mood board for climbing and staying fit indoors.

Sennema Portfolio35

Result from storage and climbing project